Tuesday, April 12, 2011

come, follow me

A friend from college is waiting on God's perfect timing to be sent to the mission field.  She and her husband have literally sold all their possessions and are gearing up to "follow Him".  What does this look like for the rest of us?  I mean, not every one is called to be a full-time missionary in a foreign country.  But I do think everyone is called to do something for God's good purpose. Are we all supposed to give up the things of this world to be a follower of Christ?  Maybe.  I do believe it means that we need to be willing to.  Willing to sacrifice anything in this world (that has been given to us by God anyway) to accomplish his will for our lives.  

I loved this post written a couple months ago as T and J were selling all their possessions.  It continues to come to my mind.

Oh Lord show me what I can give up to better serve you right where I am (Mark 10:17-31). 

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