Tuesday, June 19, 2012

this is the life (to share)

You know your children have not a care in the world when... it is 90 degrees outside and they have the option to get in the car and drive the 1.5 miles to the community pool where they spend the next 1.5 hours splashing around and chatting with new friends before returning to their air conditioned home to have a complete evening meal that fills their tummies and then each go off to their individual beds --and in fact rooms-- to sleep peacefully for the next 11 hours straight.  

You think I would mark this up as a good day.  But instead I think about the faces missing.  About how living this life just for us doesn't seem like enough.  I am so ready to share it.  We are richly blessed.

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tommysmommy said...

oh Alexis, how I hope the Lord fills this void in your heart quickly. Just remember, in His perfect time He will. In the meantime, you share your many blessings with all of us. We are all so blessed by reading what you share from your heart. Your life blesses so many every time this blog is read!