Saturday, June 16, 2012

moments i'll miss someday

 books put away backwards by little hands
 dog bowls
 basket overflowing with dog toys
 shoe baskets by the back door
 step-up in front of the bathroom sink
 turtle potty seat
 displayed artwork and schoolwork
 alphabet magnet letters
 strawed cups on end tables
 trays of kiddo untensils
 brightly colored plasticware
 princess shoes by the front door
 bruised up shins and cute little piggies
 scratched up wood floors

 booster seat at the table
 fun placemats
 clothes and other items stacked on the bottom step to take upstairs
 school desks
 push cars
 abandoned shoes
 art bins
 learning our ABCs
 cape-wearing days
 tiny legs
 my favorite kissing birthmark spot
 the cluster of freckles that forms the "puppy paw"
 this face
 feet that barely touch the ground in kiddo chairs
 a guest bed filled with family laundry to be folded
 pirate driveway chalk art



Persicke Family said...

Eucharisteo! Haste makes waste.
Thanksgiving precedes the miracle.

Mom RS said...


AuntieBee said...

Oh how I love this post! The wonders of children are always a joy to see.

Chanel said...

I love everything about this post. Thank you for share - the pictures and the perspective