Friday, December 23, 2011

weak heart

Will someone please remind me to read this post again some day? 

(Sidebar: Do you know Katie's story?  Watch it here.

Single.  Early 20s.  14 adopted daughers. Living in Uganda indefinitely.  Let that sink in.  OK, back to me.) 

You know, when you come across a particularly pathetic "woe is me" post I will have written in the future.  I expect one is coming.  That is why God wants me to write this one.  So I can be reminded by someone that there may be many little ones coming through our home of whom He will say to me "not this one".  He may be calling me to stand in the gap to merely love on, pray over and kiss to pieces many precious babes only for a time.  My heart is weak, Lord.  Hold it in your hands so that it will beat with your strength and purpose.

I feel like God is preparing me to learn how to pray like I never have before.  To pray with blind faith and complete surrender knowing full well that I won't have any answers given to me in this life.


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