Friday, December 2, 2011

the voice of christ's love

I spent 30 minutes walking around Costco today the other day.  The kids and I browsed the toy aisles for fun and brought home a few food staples.  In that amount of time three separate people decided it was their responsibility to parent me.  

The first lady came up behind me to tell me my "pocketbook" was just sitting there (in an empty cart) and anyone could just take it (while I stood five feet away helping Brother hop on a big boy bike with training wheels that he doesn't know he is getting for his 4th birthday).  I just smiled and reached for my cart.  It kind of annoyed me though.  I immediately wondered if the world thinks living a life without constant fear equals naivete.  I am thankful I didn't say anything but then of course later regretted that positive words didn't come to my mind quicker as another opportunity slipped through my fingers.  I guess I was more interested in engaging with my kids than who might hypothetically take my purse.  If someone wanted to take it from my cart while I stood five feet away maybe they needed it more than I do.  Note: I don't want my purse stolen.

As we were leaving, the lady checking our receipt drew Bundle Boy a smiley face on the back and asked him, "What do you say?"immediately after handing it to him.  Thanks lady but I think I can handle encouraging good manners.

We weren't twenty feet out the door (still in the breeze way) and a guy coming in looked around with a panic before asking me, "Does she belong to you?"  Babydoll was walking as fast as she could ten feet behind her brother and me.

On our way through the parking lot (note: I was holding Sissy Doll now and had Brother in my hand walking next to me), I got to thinking.  I am used to a way of life where everyone is independent of each other.  If you don't look me in the eye while running me off the road than I don't exist in YOUR world.  My first response to someone engaging me was cynicism.  "Who do they think they are?  Where is all this advice when my kids are acting crazy in the grocery store and I really need help?" 

The people are so different here than anywhere I have ever lived.  They are simple and kind and aware of the people around them.  As a child of God, why am I not doing the same?  Don't get me wrong.  I have done my share of blocking a random toddler who was trying to exit Chick-fil-A without a parent as I was coming in.  I am not completely self-absorbed.  But am I really aware of the people God has put in my day today?  Am I thinking about how I can help them even if I have my hands full of kids and am thinking about disappointing circumstances?

My sentiments were confirmed while at Chick-fil-A later (note: a different time than I referenced before.  I promise we don't go there that often.  Although as we were leaving this particular visit I ran into someone we knew while in California, who visited us at the hospital when Brother was born, and now happens to live in our neighborhood here.  More on that later.).  My kids were a few feet away admiring the in-store Christmas tree while I placed our order.  Wow!  As I type this it sure sounds like I don't have control of my hoodlums.  I am just not the type of Mom that has them chained to my waist.  They are always nearby though.  Anyway Babydoll tripped on a strand of lights, catching her fall, and the woman behind me in line lunged forward to see if she was okay.  Seriously people?!  Where we used to live the whole restaurant would have just stared blankly holding their place in line even if she had busted her lip wide open and was bleeding all over the place.

How easily we let the world around us affect us!  We should look different from the norm.  Whether we live in the country or the city.  We have been inadvertently taught that we should mind our own business or that someone else will come around and help them.  It is not our responsibility to get involved.  

The woman in Costco would probably have felt terrible had she seen me later frantically looking for my stolen purse.  She meant well.  Are we equally aware of the world around us?  Are we thinking with the mind of Christ?  Are we willing to be his hands and feet at anytime in any place even if that means losing our place in line?

The world around us should stir us to action.  It should give us a voice.  The voice of Christ's love in a lost, dark, and dying world. 

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Persicke Family said...

I want to move to where you live- a place where people watch out for you. It's funny b/c here, no one does, and I think that makes us less likely/willing to watch out for them...? So strange!