Tuesday, December 20, 2011

all aglow

I was vacuuming the family room yesterday evening when I saw this beam of sunlight illuminating a box in our coffee table.
 I turned off the machine and bent down to find God calling

A Bundle Boy puts his head in the box as he wonders what I am doing and absorbs the light into the side of his face.  A game of peek-a-boo with a bright smile.
A move to the other side of the table brought the discovery of a Bundle Girl knelt down low like her Mommy.  A vision of humility.

 I lifted my eyes from this new perspective and saw God's Word aglow in the shelf above it.
 The staples to the start of my day are asking to be reached for even at day's end.
 I stood up and looked out the windows into our back yard.  And in all His glory He painted me a beautiful night sky behind our house like he does EVERY evening.  I am thankful I slowed down enough to turn and see it.  To acknowledge his mighty power and to choose to live with a heart of gratitude in this moment.