Friday, December 23, 2011

a common thread

I am eating a plate of hot eggs and toast while Cars 1 plays in the background.  My Love is outside on this brisk bright blue morning helping on day four of our fence build.  We hired a friend to come down to do the work for us.  The irony was not lost on me as I sat in our nice warm house making cookies with my kids while he was outside in the wind and misting raining building our property boundary this week.

Every afternoon our friend would come in for lunch.  The kids would make him smile and laugh and he would share stories of his life.  There is virtually nothing about the decades behind him that I can relate to.  And yet despite memories of suffering and pain that he shared, we do have one huge thing in common.  A thread that sews the fabric of our friendship together.  By God's grace we both have been saved.

The Enemy does not want us to share what God has done in our lives.  SHARE!  TALK!  WRITE!  Even if you think there is no way this other person in your life could possibly understand the journey God has walked you through, tell them any way.  God unites all kinds of people into friendship.  Stories of His love and grace bless others.

Today I finish my breakfast thankful, humbled, and blessed.  We have an amazing God who desires us to boldly speak to those in our world of his amazing grace.

I encourage you to share today with even the most unlikely of people you may meet.  For every interaction with another human being is a divine appointment.

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Persicke Family said...

Amen to that! And what blessings come when we do share! God is SO amazing and good! We have no idea how our life story (which may seem totally unrelated to theirs) will bless others. And on the flip side, we need to make sure we have our "listening ears" on... waiting in eager expectation for what God wants to say through others! How many blessing are missed when we are not listening!