Friday, September 7, 2012

neurology appointment

Babydoll's appointment went well this morning.  Thank you for your prayers.  We made it to the hospital in two hours after dropping Brother off with a friend halfway there.  

There were two neurologists present in the room and they listened extensively to the details of each of her seizure accounts (which I had typed up and brought with me) really trying to understand the individual situation. They allowed our exhaustive questions and even offered up information that we didn't ask about.  What a concept!  We really felt like they were trying to understand our whole child and not just what was written down on paper.  

So what happens next?  The neurologist does think that she may have a minor seizure disorder based on many factors.  Particularly that the last two episodes did not include any kind of real fever.  I guess a temp of 99/100 doesn't count. :)  We have to make appointments for her to get an MRI (with sedation) and an EEG on separate days.  My Love mentioned that the clock is ticking toward when his medical benefits will run out and the doctor assured us that we will have the scans and results by then.  He gave us his card to contact him and asked that the clerks try to make the scans on days when he is in town so he could be available to us.  What a concept!  There will be a couple more long days ahead of us with commuting to the appointments but we are so thankful that this might be all taken care of before My Love is officially separated from the Air Force.

After the results from the scans come in, the neurologists will be able to determine the right course of treatment which may include medication.  There is a good chance that she could grow out of them especially if she responds well to the meds.

We would appreciate your continued prayers lifted to our Great Physician for our Babydoll Silly.  I will post dates and times of her scans when those appointments get made.  Thank you for your prayers today.  We felt covered by them.


Mom RS said...

Thank you for the quick up date. *breathe* :)

Molly said...

Glad the appointment went well and the doctors were focused on Melle. Also, very glad you still have AF benefits and that Adam is available to take the long trips with you. Thanks for the update!

Persicke Family said...

Really wonderful to hear this update Alexis! God, the great physician, is so good! Continued prayers...