Tuesday, August 7, 2012

fourth seizure

My Love made it home just in time to go with me to take the kids to Vacation Bible School (VBS) last night.  This was the first one I had ever heard of that met at 6pm but I figured we would at least give day one a try.  My Love and I checked the kiddos in and then hung around in the back of the sanctuary for a few minutes to make sure our littlest Bundle was settled in okay.  Off we went to Costco for no particular reason except for that driving thirty minutes back home didn't seem ideal.  We wandered around and then walked out around 7:30pm with just a package of princess panties size 2T for our Babydoll.  I told her I would get her some soon since she was in need of more.  My phone beeped in the parking lot and I noticed that I had a voice mail.  The cell service within Costco is spotty.  The voice on the line was that of a man who sounded a little panicked.  "You need to come back to VBS immediately.  Your daughter is having a seizure...."  I gasped and told My Love of the news and he started driving like a bat out of Hell the (now less than) ten minutes to our church.  Poor Babydoll.

We finally got there and found our precious Gift from God lying limp in the arms of a friend of mind.  I was able to educate some of the adults standing around about febrile seizures and they answered some of our questions about the incident.  Apparently my friend walked into her classroom right before Babydoll fell over (which caused her to hit her head) and started seizing for less than a minute.  Thankfully I had briefly mentioned to my friend last month after Sissy had one so it wasn't completely surprising to her.  This was the first time it had happened while she was awake though so this opens up a whole new action plan whenever we leave her in the care of someone else.  Consistently the seizures have occurred at the onset of any kind of fever so unfortunately at this point it isn't easily preventable.  The one plus is that she will outgrow them by age five.  I am not eager for her to reach that age just yet though.

Even though there was still an hour left of VBS, we took Brother out of his class and brought them both home.  He SO graciously didn't put up a fight even though he didn't really understand why we were there.  God saw fit to not have Brother in the room when it happened of which we are so thankful.  He has never seen his Baby Sister have a seizure before even though this is her fourth one in seven months.  Praising God for that fact!  We put Babydoll in the car and she was still in her out-of-it daze even though she would open her eyes from time to time.  Once back home, she came to again and we gave her some Motrin and Tylenol before showing her the panties we had bought for her.  My Love placed the package in her bed and she fell right back to sleep.

While typing this I had to take a break when I heard Babydoll call out "Daddy" over the monitor.  I walked into her bedroom this morning to find her studying her package of panties and back to her sweet little self.  So thankful that she doesn't remember the trauma of nights like last night.  Thankful that so many people there were praying for her and her fever is now being handled.  Poor Babydoll.  Since she has no other cold symptoms at this point we can only assume it was triggered by teething.  With several gaps in her smile still, the teething process has been a long one.  We would appreciate your prayers on this issue.  Although we are not as fearful as we were when it happened the first time, it is still a scary thing to witness. 

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AuntieBee said...

Our hearts reach out to your family and your precious Babydoll! We will constantly keep her in our prayers. God has a purpose! Wish we knew why, but I'd say he has placed her in the arms of the perfect parents. Wish we could be there! I love you sister!