Friday, August 3, 2012

answer to prayer

My Love got an offer for his new job yesterday.  We were told that the paperwork process could take several months, so My Love passed on his resume for a position he was not competing for at the same time he gave his notice to separate from the military.  I think that was back in March.  With his last day of actual work looming, and 78 days of terminal leave to follow, My Love had been carrying a heavy burden of not knowing when his new job would actually start.  He considered for sometime accepting another job with the other agencies and companies (out of the "local" area) that were pursuing him in the interim.  We prayed fervently about it asking God to reveal to My Love exactly what he wanted him to do.  Whether to wait on Him and trust His timing or to act now by taking a job sooner if his new job wouldn't be starting for several more months (but not wanting to choose that out of fear of the unknown). 

Well yesterday the offer came eight days before his last day of official work on active duty.  We are SO thankful that God chose to answer our prayers so quickly.  It reminded me when he did the same thing several years ago when we were preparing to move from California.  He provided us with a tenant before we even moved out of our house. 

My Love's tentative start date is October 21st.  His paid leave ends October 26th.  God is so good.  As with everything else with the military, all things are subject to change.  He could start sooner or later than planned.  But we are praising God today that he has an offer and he knows when his job "will" start.  There is no need to pursue other work and we can just enjoy a couple of months of time together as a family.  I mean, when will we ever have that option again?

Thank you for praying for our family.

I was made acutely aware this morning that not all prayers go answered so quickly.  We lifted some for several loved ones at the start of this day that we have been praying for years.  We praise God for answering those too.  He is good in the swift provision and he is good in the waiting place.

One more week of active duty work for My Love.  Keep the prayers coming. 

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Clara Jane said...

Congrats! That is great news. F told me he had lunch with A yesterday a position was looming. So, so thankful it came through. Rest easy, friends!