Tuesday, August 28, 2012

complete and willing

My Love was giving the kids a bath before bed tonight.  I closed the bathroom door so I could muffle their happy squeals and lie on our bed in semi-peace.  It had been a day marked with feelings of hopelessness for the first time.  

I rolled away from the window and found myself looking directly at the framed vows that have been on display in now our fourth bedroom together for over nine years.  The sun was just low enough in the sky that His day's light was peeking through the cracks in the closed shades.  

No matter how hard we try, we can never really keep Him out.  His love for us shines brightly on exactly the path he wants us to take.  Complete and willing obedience.  

This morning I was overwhelmed by my own tears.  Tonight I am overwhelmed by His love for me, and in fact us.  Oh the joy that is promised to come with the morning!  I look for it with anticipation.

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