Wednesday, May 11, 2011

something growing from nothing

Several months ago, my Love chopped off all the limbs of two trees on the side of our drive way.  Our landlord told him they would most definitely grow back and that it was important to prune them in that way for further growth.  I had seen trees cut back like that before, but the change in our front landscape seemed harsh.  That side of our yard looked bare and vulnerable.  Time passed and spring sprung.  Blossoms were blooming and leaves were growing in everywhere around us.  The cut trees remained naked.  There was no apparent growth.  I was worried that we had killed them.  Our landlord assured us they would come back and we should just give them time.

We came back from our trip to Tampa to find this...

Something growing from nothing.

God promises even in nature that he can grow something from nothing.  His timing for everything is perfect.  Are you praying for a soul that you desire to see growing?  Are you worried there is no apparent hope for change in their current bare, dead state? 

Try not to look across the drive way (or sanctuary aisle or hallway as it may) and compare their growth to that of another in the same environment.

The abundant growth of another mature "tree" doesn't negate the timely sprouts found across the way.  Every single evidence of new growth should be celebrated.

Whether it comes when we expect it or not.

Our landLord assures us His timing is perfect.  Keep praying.  He can grow something from nothing.

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