Wednesday, May 18, 2011

the life of a dandelion

I should have written this post a month ago when it was on my mind constantly but life sort of got in the way.  Perhaps next year when the dandelions are in full bloom where you live it will remind you of this post in His perfect timing.

The dandelions were growing everywhere in our neighborhood recently.  Since we have a big dog that requires regular exercise, we spend time outside daily exploring nature and admiring all the things God has created.  We have enjoyed watching the seasons come through the nearby woods that the walking path takes us through.  After a winter of naked trees and dull colors, the forest has come to life.  Bright greens and thick growth abounds.

With spring came the presence of dandelions.  I remember picking the blooming yellow flowers for my Mom as a kid proud that I had discovered such a treasure from the center of our yard.  It wasn't until later that I learned they were in fact weeds.

During our walks this Spring I noticed many dandelions in different stages of growth.  Some were bright circles hugging close to the ground.  Then there were others that were taller reaching toward the sky.  Nearby there were some that had transitioned into balls of puff that were higher still.  During our many warm-weather walks, I began to wonder when that process happens.  I never remember seeing a dandelion that was part yellow and part fluff.  They are either one or the other.  But it was clear that the ultimate goal was to grow as tall as possible before transforming into its purpose for living.  

Then I noticed that once the dandelion had grown tall enough, there were some that were closed tightly.  Maybe that was when it happened.  One day they were tall yellow flowers.  They had matured from their comfortable place close to the ground.  Then they slowly closed before opening up a new creation.  A ball of puff that is now equipped to be used.

What's that?  I spend too much time staring at weeds?  Maybe.  But I don't think I am reaching too far here.

There is something about that tall ball of puff that makes you want to pick it and blow it into the wind.  We did that as kids and made a wish while sending the seeds sailing away.  Until we grew up and had lawns of our own and realized those tiny floating pieces of dandelion puff land and actually grow more weeds.  Isn't it amazing though?

A plant grows.  It blooms.  It could be content right there coming out of a crack in the sidewalk but it knows there is a greater purpose for it.  It grows taller.  It gets stronger.  And then in the perfect timing, it closes up and emerges a new creation.  After that, it could be content to decorate lawns and forest floors with "cotton balls" but it knows its purpose is still not fulfilled.  A child comes by and lifts it from the earth before sending its seeds into the air.  It is being spread.  Far and wide.  The Breath of Life is using it to fulfill its purpose for it now.

And if a child never comes?  A gust of wind sends the dandelion seeds high on a breeze to the ends of the earth.

Isn't He an amazing Creator?  Who can deny it?

He literally thought of everything!

Are you content being a yellow flower close to the ground?  Are you learning and growing?  Is your goal to be closer to the source of life?  Are you in a time of transition knowing this yellow flower is not all you were meant to be?  Are you maturing in your faith?  Are you a tall, strong, ball of puff that is ready and willing to be used by the Holy Spirit to share God's love with the world around you?

Bring a cool breeze, Lord!  Use me! 

The dandelions are mostly gone in our neighborhood now.  But you can be sure they will be back next spring.  All those little seeds will grow and live and share once again.    

PS.  After I published this post, I find this website that shared some interesting facts.  They are more amazing then I first thought.  Thank you Lord for dandelions!

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AuntieBee said...

Everything we do is in God's perfect timing. He ment for you to share this particular post at this particular time. Thank you sister! I love you!