Friday, May 20, 2011

milk bubbles

Oh the joy of blowing bubbles in your milk!  Bundle Brother has really been having fun with this new skill lately.  It isn't that cute at the dinner table, but I didn't mind as much while we were out walking the dog the other day.

The laughter grew as the bubbles grew.

The bubbles grew so much that they came bursting through the top unable to stay contained beneath the lid.

The more air that went into the cup the more milk bubbles came out.

Then a funny thing happened after he stopped blowing bubbles (when there was no more milk to blow).

The bubbles stayed in the empty cup for awhile.

By the time we got back home however, they had all disappeared to reveal an empty cup.

It didn't matter how hard Bundle Boy blew into the cup now.  There was no more milk left to enjoy.

Are you filling "your cup" daily by reading God's Word?  Are you allowing the Holy Spirit to "blow life" into you so that you may experience his joy to the point of overflowing?  Or are you relying on your past knowledge or relationship with the Lord?  Your cup might be hanging on to the bubbles for awhile, but eventually there will be no. more. left.  And until you fill your cup with milk again, it will remain empty.

The does a body good!


The Howe Family said...

Ok, I have no idea what words will follow these pictures. :) Can you guess what picture I loved?! I can't resist baby feet and toes! Love the one where M's little foot slipped into the frame by N's back. :)

Thought of you today when I went to the curriculum fair...still owe you an email answer to your question about what I did with E at home for prek!

Mom RS said...

Great analogy Alexis. You've taken my breath away with the Truth you shared. Have a blessed Sunday.

tommysmommy said...

Thanks for another great analogy. so, so true and this is a great picture of it!

The Howe Family said...