Monday, April 30, 2012

not denial

"Leave Me out of nothing.  Love all My ways with you.  Know indeed that "All is well."  Delay is but the wonderful and all-loving restraint of the Father--not reluctance, not desire to deny--but the Divine control of a Father who can scarcely brook the delay.  Delay has to be--sometimes.  Your lives are so linked up with those of others, so bound by circumstances that to let your desire have instant fulfillment might in many cases cause another, as earnest prayer, to go unanswered.  But think for a moment of the Love and thoughtful care that seek to harmonize and reconcile all your desires and longings and prayers.  Delay is not denial--not even withholding.  It is the opportunity for God to work out your problems and accomplish your desires in the most wonderful way possible for you.  Oh! children, trust Me.  Remember that your Maker is also your Servant, quick to fulfill, quick to achieve, faithful in accomplishment.  Yes.  All is well." 

-God Calling

This reading in my devotional journal really spoke to me today even though it was meant for tomorrow.  It is a strange place to be knowing we could have a child placed in our home for any length of time as soon as next week but also know it could be months before we get a call.  We have to trust in His timing.  His perfect timing that is intimately woven together with the life another child.  So we will wait on Him and trust with ready hearts that his plan is complete.  After I thought about myself a little more I realized that these words could also encourage others that we pray for who are waiting on adoption, waiting to find a spouse, waiting to be placed in the mission field, waiting for a loved one to surrender their life to the Lord, waiting to find their place in this world, waiting to conceive a child, waiting for direction, waiting for answers, waiting for forgiveness, waiting for love...

Delay is not denial, people.


Molly said...

I needed this... thank you.

Persicke Family said...

Always HIS perfect timing- Always.