Wednesday, April 18, 2012

i shall use it

"Such light, such joy flows from this house.  It affects all who come here.  Do not feel that you have to try and help them.  Just love them, welcome them, shower little courtesies and love-signs on them, and they must be helped.  Love is God.  Give them Love, and you give them God.  Then leave Him to do His Work.  Love all, even the beggars.  Send no one away without a word of cheer, a feeling that you care.  I may have put the impulse to come here into some despairing one's heart.  Think if you failed Me!  Besides, you have no choice.  You told Me it was My Home.  I shall use it.  Remember this.  There would be no dark winter days were Love in the hearts of all My children.  Oh!  My children, can you not feel the joy of knowing, loving, and companying with Me?" -God Calling

I read this entire devotional journal in 2011 and it is like I am reading it the first time.  God continues to confirm the call on our life even when we are distracted by things of this world.  Please keep us in prayer.

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