Friday, March 18, 2011

i need a shower

Quiet time is important to me.  I need it.  If too much time goes by and I don't have complete silence all to myself for at least a few minutes, I kind of lose it.  Knowing this about myself allows me to seek it out.  I have known people who don't like to be alone.  Ever.  They thrive on being around others.  I am not that person.  God has helped me to become more social over time, but really at the core of my being I am a home-body.

I used to find that quiet time while walking.  Our Furry Firstborn would require long walks twice a day.  Once our Bundle Boy was born the walks continued around his schedule.  But with the addition of Babydoll Sis, walks aren't as peaceful as they once were.  For starters, Bundle Boy is often gabbing the whole walk about everything he sees in the world around him.  It is a sweet time for that and other reasons, but it is definitely no longer my set aside quiet time.  

My quiet alone time is almost often found in the shower these days (when I can get one).  I remember before I had kids (and even after #1 was born) not quite understanding why Moms complained about being lucky if they even got a shower.  With a good napper, I didn't see it as an issue.  But once said baby got bigger and more mobile (read: a 3 year old doesn't fit easily in a Johnny Jump Up hanging from the bathroom door jam) and a growing infant who had different needs than her big brother, my alone time pretty much vaporized.  It took months just to get them both on a predictable schedule.  Showers became my luxury because of course sometimes they aren't even alone.  There is though the rare chance a few times a week when both  kids are napping at the same time and I can choose to clean the kitchen, fold laundry, take a nap, or have a shower.  Is it sad that I have to choose?  The shower is usually my first choice if I don't have any other pressing priorities.  And not for the reason you might think.  I mean yeah, my Love likes to come home to a clean wife, but I really enjoy showers now not for hygienic purposes but for peace of mind purposes.  The shower physically washes away the stress of the day.  It loosens my muscles.  It allows for me to be quiet and listen to my Lord while the spraying water drowns out any noise of the world around me (which is sometimes coming from the crying Babydoll waking up too early down the hall).  God can say a whole lot in 10-15 minutes.  

I can tell a huge difference in the days I shower versus the days I don't (besides the obvious day-old make-up and frizzy hair).  On days I hide away for quiet time alone with my Lord, I come out clean, relaxed, refreshed and ready to get back to doing the will of the Father with a joyful heart.

I never thought I would be so thankful for a shower but I am.

Where is your unexpected quiet space?


Chelsea said...

I, too, find solace in the shower. If I have been having a bad day, or "disagreement" with another I run there to hide, pray and cry. This is my one space that I find refuge. The kids know that if I am going to take a shower to let mommy be; I will be out soon enough. They have learned to give me that time, as as my husband. Some times I just need that time to let go, cry and then be able to move on in my day. It seems to give me a peace, hope and renewed spirit one agian.

tommysmommy said...

In the shower as well. I was thinking the other night just how nice it is. The door is shut, the water and the fan running, nothing exists outside of the shower. it's a place of wonderful, but momentary peace. as soon as that water is off reality is back waiting for me. sometimes i do get quiet time during naps as well, but the shower is so cleansing!

AuntieBee said...

I'm certainly not a mommy, but my greatest quiet place is also in the shower. There is something about washing off your day that also seems to wash off the burdens on your heart! God is so good at showing us through words and life pictures His will for us! Sometimes I take 3 showers a day (life can be rough sometimes ;))