Tuesday, March 22, 2011

His plan for her celebration

God continues to show me that His plan is perfect and complete.  In the grand scheme of things, the examples I am referring to are small.  But understanding His sovereignty in the day to day helps me grasp His work in the big (and sometimes unpleasant) circumstances of life.  I am overwhelmed by His grace and that He remains faithful to show me how He is working...daily.

Today is our daughter's first birthday (Happy Birthday Sweet Babydoll Sis!).  One year ago I experienced an amazing delivery of our second child and my husband was right there by my side.  Today he is not.  A couple of months ago he let me know he was going on a work trip in March.  When he told me the dates I was bummed when I realized he would miss her birthday.  He hasn't traveled much this past year.  The ONE trip he has to take is during that particular week?  Sigh.  My Love missed Bundle Boy's first birthday too.  

It actually took me awhile to have peace about him being gone today.  When I was a kid, we celebrated a birthday on the birthday.  My Love didn't have the same expectation.  I was having a hard time letting it go.  "I'll just have a party without you," I said.  "Or maybe we just won't do anything since we don't live near family anyway."  After a few days of bringing it up again, we decided to celebrate with friends a little early so my Love could be present.  "She is going to be one.  She doesn't know which day is her actual birthday anyway," he said.  Fine.  As the party got closer and I started planning decorations, a menu, invitations, I got more excited about it.  God was softening my stubborn heart.  My Love was right.  What did it really matter WHEN we celebrated?  Her Daddy should be there.  The party was so much fun (even though it was 9 days early...I am a constant work in progress).  Babydoll Sis spit out her cake as soon as her Daddy put a bite in her mouth.  Everyone laughed.  Our dearest friends here (of all ages) were able to join us for a party before Bible study at a friend's house and it was such a blessing for everyone present.  His ways are not our ways.

Fast forward to last night.  I was up baking cupcakes to take with me to church today.  I do the Bible lesson for the (homeschooled) kids while the women study a book together in the other room.  One new family at our church has three amazing girls and they have been coming to Bible study this session.  I have really enjoyed spending my Tuesday mornings with them as well as my two kiddos.  Last week I told the kids that today would be Babydoll's birthday.  They got so excited (ages 2, 6, and 8).  We talked about the Bible story we would be reading (because they like to know in advance) and that we would have a little celebration with cupcakes for my daughter's birthday.  They were thrilled!

Today I arrived early to the church.  I set out the cupcakes I had frosted and sprinkled, and hung the recycled banner from her party up in the nursery where we would be meeting.  Babydoll was all dressed up wearing her "It's fun to be 1" t-shirt passed down from a friend and sporting a "Birthday Girl" ribbon that I just couldn't resist pinning on her.  We were set to have a good time.

A few minutes later the family of three girls came running into the building with balloons, fresh squeezed lemonade, and homemade madelines with chocolate to dip them in.  The two younger sisters were even wearing their finest party dresses.  It was adorable and oh so touching.  This family blessed my life tremendously today.  His ways are not our ways.

Had my Love not been out of town I probably wouldn't have even done anything at Bible study today.  The Lord saw fit to get these sweet girls excited about a party and getting their Mom on board with letting them bring some special homemade treats as well as a big 1 birthday candle.  The kids and I sang Happy Birthday to her on the floor of the church nursery.  It was precious.  Seriously who does all that?  I hardly know these people.

God does, that's who!

With each passing day I am learning more and more to say "Yes, Lord" to the inconvenient (although it still doesn't come naturally).  When my plans don't work out, I recognize that His plans are far better.  Who am I to continue telling Him I know better for me than He does?  He is my Creator.  I am the created.  Use me Lord for Your good purpose.

Thank you Lord for the overwhelming blessing of 365 glorious days knowing Your Babydoll Sis.  She is a gift beyond words.  Her very life has a purpose beyond my wildest dreams for her.

So today my Love and I celebrate (from opposite sides of the globe) the anniversary of Babydoll's birth one year ago today.  We thank you Lord for her life and Your will for it.



The Howe Family said...

Happy Birthday, Michelle (seems like a week ago I was voting on your name!)!
Listened to part of an interview with the singer/song-writer Laura Story today. I love something she said and it reminded me of the 1000 gifts and all this thankfulness. :) Not a direct quote, but...
Do we judge God based on our circumstances OR judge our circumstances based on what we know to be true about God (that He is good, love, etc.)?
What a great reminder for me!
Hope you have a great week, friend!

Chanel said...

Love this!

So thrilled you guys had a blessed day. We love that Babydoll Sis!

I loved how you put it - "Who does all that?....God does, that's who!"

Thank you for sharing. Wish I coulda been kissin' her cheeks today