Tuesday, September 27, 2016

simple phrase

We have been living in a difficult season for awhile now.

Some days are really hard.

My Love will come home and I share with him the struggles I went through.  He gets to hear all the raw emotion and sordid details.  Maybe a week later I might sit down with a friend and recall the same experience with less passion.  Perhaps a month later I will update a relative on the phone and again talk about that day weeks ago in just basic facts.

With each passing day that overwhelming moment in time gets shorter and shorter.  The emotions felt and the memories relayed get foggier and less significant.  

Recently I have heard several people share their testimony and it struck me how much life must have been lived in just a single statement relayed.  How many tears shed, knees skinned, checks bounced, dinners made, sins revealed, fears felt, forgiveness given, miles driven, hours worked, prayers lifted and years lived all wrapped up in a simple phrase describing a whole season of their life. 

"During our marriage, we lived in Germany and California before spending the last seven years in Virginia."

13 years full of all kinds of memories.  13 years of God trying to mold us to look more like him.  13 years of building this family. 

It hasn't been easy.  Ever.  But somehow I find both grief and comfort in knowing that all that we are currently living and walking through will one day just be a few short words in a brief story of our lives.  A story God is writing and knows the ending to.

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