Friday, April 1, 2016

i'm back

How can it be two years since I last blogged?  I think in an effort to allow for the children in our care to remain anonymous and own their own stories, I neglected to share my heart during mine.  So much has happened in our family since Sweet Pea left us after a short 6 month chapter.  We loved on Punky Pie for 10 months during her first year of life and had to say another hard goodbye.  And just this past December, we hugged Ladybug and returned her to a relative after 13 months of her calling me Mommy.  

Here we are 16 months into parenting our Buddy Boy and starting a new chapter yet again.  One that includes me being 8 months pregnant and expecting to adopt our bonus son in the coming months.  We have witnessed God do miracles.  We have felt pain.  We have screamed.  We have held onto our marriage for dear life.  And yet somehow, God still manages to be present and guiding the growth of our family as we learn to trust more of our lives to him.

So join me once again as I attempt to navigate these waters.  As we take a pause from this long, lonely, amazing chapter of our lives that included fostering those God specifically included in our bonus family to focus on these four precious permanent children who have been entrusted to us.

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amanda said...

Awaesome! I just logged into my "old" blog. Feeling like God is stirring things in my heart to share, or just get out my head for my own sanity. Welcome back friend. :)