Tuesday, March 26, 2013


At 4:30pm on Sunday, Babydoll had her seventh seizure in the past year.  The day before we were celebrating her third birthday with friends realizing it also marked five months since her last seizure.  God is good.  We were home together waiting for our friends to bring over their three kiddos so they could go on their last date night before baby #4 arrives.  Babydoll was on the couch next to her Daddy and suddenly slumped over.  She had woken up the night before with a stomach ache and a low grade fever.  We were managing it.  As we watched out little girl's body jerk, I called Brother into the room.  We had explained the episodes to him in the past but this was his first time witnessing it.  "What is happening?  Why is she doing that?" he asked.  We did our best to explain but he seemed concerned.  In less than a minute, the movement stopped.  My Love scooped her up and took her to our bed where he could hold her while we waited for our little girl to wake up and come back to us.  We prayed.  It was such a gift for Brother to have the distraction of friends over.  They had a great time.  I took Babydoll's temperature.  101.4 F.  She rested on her Daddy's chest peacefully unresponsive.  We prayed.  Brother brought her blankies and her babies.  What a sweet boy!  An hour later she came to but she remained lethargic --which is to be expected-- for the rest of the night.  Everything about this episode looked the same as every other one.  We had hoped she wouldn't need to experience another seizure but God was with her and continues to protect her mind and body. 

Shortly after the seizure stopped, I sent a group text to ten in our family.  Within seconds replies came back telling us they were praying for our Babydoll.  And that is when it hit me.  We come from a family that prays.  Every single person from the families we were raised in knows the Lord.  What an overwhelming blessing!  To know that even from afar we can seek prayer from loved ones and the God Who Sees hears each word lifted on our behalf.  Oh how he loves us!

Please pray for our Babydoll when she comes to mind.  We expect to take her in to her new pediatrician (since leaving active duty benefits) for a well child visit in the next month.  At that time, we will be seeking his second opinion about what direction to go with her care next.

God is good and we continue to trust her in His hands.  

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AuntieBee said...

What a blessing to find peace in our Healer. What a powerful mother you are to consider Brother seeing it take place. Keeping him aware! We miss you all so so very much but feel so close when times like this come. We are so glad you reached out so quickly, for it is our desire to constantly be sending up prayers for your family especially in times of need as this. Praise the Lord that she is doing better. We love you so much. Love Auntie Bee and Uncle Corey