Monday, December 24, 2012

christmas in virginia

I don't know this woman but I stood at the edge of her lawn singing with new friends from church.  It was the last house on our route around their neighborhood.  

After a sweet time of fellowship with four other families over soup and salad, we hit the streets singing Christmas carols as our dinner hosts delivered holiday treats to their neighbors.  Brother was asking to be the one chosen to knock on the next door during our entire loop.  At the last house, he was called up.  He lingered on the porch while we sang.  From a distance I saw the gentleman kneel down to shake our son's hand and I wondered why Brother didn't rejoin our group.  We said Merry Christmas and then returned indoors for cookies, hot chocolate, and more encouraging conversations.  This was the first time we have been invited anywhere in the past year.  

This morning, our assistant pastor's wife emailed me this link.  The blogger was the resident of the porch Brother stood at the night before.  You never know how God will work in the heart of another when you choose to really live for him.  Merry Christmas.


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What a lovely and touching story!