Wednesday, November 28, 2012


I reached for a stack of tissues from the box on the kitchen counter to put in the clutch she made for me that matches my turquoise cardigan perfectly.  I gripped her work of art tightly as if sending her hugs across the miles.  Some Sundays you just know you will need a tissue. 

I got the kids dropped off to their classes while I took my seat alone not in our usual place.  My Love was out of town.  The music was already playing.  I took off my coat and laid it down in the open seat beside me.  It was cold outside but unusually warm in this moment and I pushed open my clutch --this beautiful gift from my friend-- to pull out a tissue prematurely.  Some Sundays you just know you are going to cry. 

How could I not?  The heart that stitched together the holder of my tissues (and lip gloss and wallet and keys) was now shattered in the hands of her Almighty Creator and Lord.  I sang to Him.  I worshiped Him.  I cried before Him not asking why but begging Him to hold the torn pieces of her heart with gentle care.  To stitch them back together in such a way that would make it even more beautiful in order to hold all the wonderful things He has planned for her.

Clutch her tight tonight Lord.  Whisper to her how much she is loved by You.  Fill her with your strength and peace and hope.


Mom RS said...

**sniff**-and that's the kind of a friend you are, the one who holds Jesus tight between you. Such beauty, such love...

amanda said...

Lifting your friend up in prayer.